Summer of ’13

It seems that for the past three years I’ve always taken the wrong decision on when to have my Summer holidays. This year I had the better part of June off from work and, as always, I started to take the best photographs when I had to go back to work again. Same is true for the weather. The minute I had to go back to work it started to clear up and get nice and sunny… oh well, enough about that. Time to see what I’ve been up to for the past few months (yes, it has been that long since my previous post, sorry ’bout that :p).

I don’t really have any special stuff to share other than that I’ve been preparing for a very interesting, yet quite difficult and challenging, project that will probably take me around 2 years or so to complete. I’m not going to specify exactly what it is since I don’t even know yet if I can get it to work like it has been working in my mind. I’ve had to make some serious investments in both time and money but if it’s going to work, oh boy, will you be amazed!

Here is my Summer of ’13 (so far..):
(all are clickable and will link to my website)

Running hare
Great fun that was! Came running straight towards me, then stopped within the minimum focussing distance of my lens and decided to turn around when it noticed something weird was lying on the path (I wasn’t even wearing any camo clothes).

King fishers
Yes! 2 King fishers :). Taken at F14 or so to try and get both of them sharp.

Roe deer mother and fawn
ISO 4000 :p

Actually found a small weed plantation near where I took this shot :p (I’m not kidding!)

Haw Finch
Not a very common garden guest. Shot full frame at 4fps of a D800 :). Wall sized prints anyone?

wild fox
A real wild fox! Not one of those fake, tame ones ;). It actually took me five early mornings to get this one. Luckily I got the fox before the local army of hunters did..

King fisher
An evening light King Fisher. They never seem to bore me. Such characters they have!

evening light

Until next time!


The Golden Forest

Today was a good day! (good as in 5,5 Gb and 460 shots). At least it was good for me, but unfortunately not for one of my photography subjects today. More on that in a minute. The weather has been quite bad for photography lately and with work and all I just didn’t have the time or spirit to go out and shoot. That all changed when I looked at my cloud radar (actual clouds, not just rain) this morning. It had been raining all morning and I was just checking if there still was an opportunity to go out today.. and boy, was there! At 12 am the sky opened up big time, revealing one of the last warm sun rays of the year. I knew I had to go to my magical forest to try and catch some sun rays warming up the dampened forest floor, thereby forming these awesome sun ray projections through the fog (you know what I mean right?). I was just prepping to go out when I got a phone call from an acquaintance that there was a fox laying next to the road in front of their house who had apparently been run over by a car. I immediately got this image in my head in which I wanted to frame the fox, the road and the cars in one shot, thereby putting emphasis on the fact that it had been run over. So I set out and took the following shot. I’m quite happy with the results, although I feel quite sorry for this beautiful creature..

fox / road kill
I used a longer shutter speed to make the cars ‘move’ a little bit.

And now for the fall shots. I was right about the fog and sun rays:
sun rays

sun rays

sun rays

I also liked the following shots of the canopy:

Fall colors

Fall colors

Many more here!

Purchasing news: I was planning on waiting for the SB-700 flash to be released but when I started comparing the price of this new 700 to the current flagship SB-900, there was only a E30,- difference.. so I got the flagship SB-900 which is so totally awesome. Now if I could only figure out how it works.. it’s seriously complicated and I’m going to have to catch up on my flash knowledge. But that’s what winter is for right ;).

Until next time!