Every now and then I get a nice surprise from nature. Last year it was a Buzzard that sat itself down on a branch not even 3 meters above my head, a Sparrow Hawk that decided to sit down and chill within a meter from me, or me almost stepping on a small Deer fawn that was hiding in the grass. This year started out rather slow, hence the lack of weblog posts, but luckily nature decided to throw me a surprise this early in February. That surprise came today. The weather has been really strange lately, as December and January kept us nice and warm with temperatures of about +10-15°C, where this should normally be 0-5°C. But suddenly at the end of January temperatures started to plummet towards -20°C during the night and we finally had some snow again. Because of the frost, the birds were no longer able to find their food on the ground and therefor had to go closer to where the people live. Luckily they can rely on philanthropists (like me) who put a free buffet in their garden for the birds, out of the kindness of their hearts, or just because they are nuts enough to want to spend hours in a camouflaged tent in freezing temperatures hoping to get some nice bird shots. The birds in my garden also seem to attract some Sparrow Hawks now and then, also wanting to have a nice meal (yes… I’ve created an entire food chain in my garden 😉 ). So today, this lovely lady landed on my photography contraption (which is a large and nicely shaped branch which was ‘acquired’ from a German forest nearby):

Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk
Amazing moment to have this kind of a shy bird just sitting in front of your lens! It was sitting so close I could not get the entire bird in the frame so I had to be somewhat creative with the compositions.

Here are some of the birds that the Sparrow Hawk had it’s sights on:
I really love the snow in there. Creates a more intimate picture.

A Nuthatch, they can look very grumpy and often remind me of my college chemistry teacher.

And finally a flying deer from a few weeks ago:

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Until next time!


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