I am haunted by light

Finally something new, or at least a little bit new as I’ve done these kind of shots before. It has been a somewhat unproductive last few weeks for me, hence the lack of posts. I took several decent shots but unfortunately, most were missing the X-factor. Now that Fall has kicked in, things are starting to pick up again and I’m eagerly awaiting the Fall climax of my favorite forest. I took some of my very best landscape photo’s over there. Anyways.. time for the new stuff:

HDR forest sunrays
Tips: know how to work with HDR software and learn not to overdo the HDR effects! Maybe I already did that here, but I’m still learning ;. Furthermore, these kind of images don’t just pop-up out of nowhere. I took location, season, time and weather conditions into account and ended up with the shot above and those below. I actually have another one with joggers that come running out of the light, really great shot. Fills up the void a bit.

I call this one: between two Giants:
Forest sun rays
Tips: basically pay attention to composition when these rays are visible. Keep in mind that this effect is not visible when you walk 10 meters to your right or left. Search for spots where the light hits the ground (those are the rays you are looking for!).

Forest sun rays
Tips: look for a decent composition. In most cases you are bound by the location so look for a good one! This location isn’t bad but it can be better of course!

Tips: Fall is the season! Have a good, soft, colorful background. This one is too plain for my taste but I’m still happy with it. Experiment with flash and point the flash in different directions towards the subject.

Last one, but definitely not the least I would say! This was an awesome moment:
Tips: it basically comes down to some luck! But also looking around when taking a walk, fast handling and good material. Unfortunately this is somewhat cropped but I’m still very happy with this one!! Amazing how these birds can balance on something that small.

Until next time!


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