Colors of Summer

I made it back alive and well from my trip to India. It certainly is a special country with special people… The city of Hyderabad is one big dump but the traffic is kind of ‘fun’ though. They just go left to right, to left, honking the horn every 10 seconds or so. When its dark you can really see the amount of pollution in the streets when all the exhaust fumes are lit up by the car lights. It is definitely not healthy to spend a lot of time in that traffic. Crossing the road is exciting though :p. Did it twice and don’t like to do it a third time. Cows, dogs and pigs live next to the road and so do the people. Tents made up of plastic and twigs next to the roads make for an impressive, though sad, scenery. Little boys and girls coming to beg to you for money and food at the local markets..

Anyways, enough on India (I didn’t take any camera with me so no photographs to share with you). So now I am back in the good old Netherlands, where the food doesn’t burn holes in your mouth (I hate spicy food, and that’s about all they had in India), I finally have 3 weeks off from work and now the weather s*cks big time. Rainy, windy, cloudy. I guess I will go to work again and have no Summer holidays this year. It’s a shame to spend my holidays inside watching the Tour de France..

So, now for the photo’s! My favorite subjects for the Summer are Day Lilies. They have such great colors and allow me to take the best out of my Sigma 150mm macro lens. Amazing colors and bokeh:

day lilly

Another one that I really like is this lady bug. I should have chosen a larger depth of field but then I might have had a too slow shutter speed.

lady bug

Anyways, that’s it for today. Hopefully the weather clears up a bit but I fear it will not so I will probably go back to work once again.

Until next time!


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