Meet Beautiful Gorgeous!

One of my photography dreams has always been photographing a little owl (steenuil in Dutch). Well, this week I was granted a 10 second dream when one landed on my branch. I of course knew that they were present in the area so I had started to catch mice, and even a mole, to help with the feeding. Every evening I placed a freshly caught mouse on my branch thereby hoping that the owls would start to use it as their regular feeding place. Sure enough, all the mice were gone the next day. Now I still didn’t know if the owls got them or maybe a Crow or Magpie. So on a sunny evening I sat underneath my camouflage net when, very silently, this little guy flew in and sat on my branch. Light conditions were terrible unfortunately but 1/20s still works decently I’d say.. After 5 shots, he didn’t trust it anymore and flew off. The mouse was gone the next day though :p.

little owl

little owl

Another favorite subject is the daylily. Gorgeous flower:

Until next time!


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