Sitting, waiting, wishing…

Since my last Kingfisher post I’ve had the opportunity to take a week off from work. The weather forecast was good so things were looking quite positive. I planned to spend a lot of time at one of my Kingfisher sites in order to take those dream shots of parents feeding their young etc. So, I created an excellent site at which the youngsters could dine and I could sit with my tent. Things were a little bit tricky since I had to cross the river to get there, also meaning that I had to walk through the, relatively fast flowing, river with about 10k worth of gear on my back. You don’t want to take a swim then I can tell you! Luckily it all worked out and I was able to spend, ow lets say, 14 hours in my tent. Result: nothing, nada (hence the ‘sitting, waiting, wishing’ title). They just did’t like my branches or something.. (even though I saw them sitting on them a few times when I was observing them). To get my dream shots I even got up at 5 am, something I don’t like to do at all :p. So, it wasn’t meant to be. Another subject I wanted to photograph under somewhat more controlled conditions were wild boar. So I got up at 5 am (again…) and went to my favorite forest. No luck! They didn’t show up.
Luckily, the one thing you can always count on (besides taxes and death) is the sun! That’s when this happened:

sun rays
Great moment!

So the morning wasn’t a total waste. On my way home I also drove past this barley field which was also the home of a lot of red poppies. So that’s were the following shot was taken. I really like the flying bumble bee.

red poppy field

The last shot is a woodpecker silhouette. I actually took this one while waiting for the wild boar. I underexposed this photo and then darkened it a bit further in Lightroom. I really like the blue color in the darkness.


That’s it for today. Until next time!


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