Baby bringers..

A quick post this time as I don’t really have any interesting to tell :p. The first photo is of a White Stork. I had just prepared my ‘natural’ hide in a nearby forest (for wild boar) and was cycling home when I suddenly saw 7! White Stork together in a field. The field had just been ploughed over and the birds were eating up all the goodies. So, I sneaked in closer for a few shots and was able to take this stunning image:

White Stork

The next one is of some tulips:


Also check out my website / recent photo’s for some more latest photo’s that didn’t make the cut for the blog!

I currently have several ongoing projects that eat up most of my free time (e.g. wild boar, black woodpecker, king fisher, foxes etc). I hope to have more on that in the next few weeks but unfortunately patience is a virtue which I don’t always possess ;).

Until next time!


One response to “Baby bringers..

  1. .If you take a drive in Maremmas hills or through her countryside during early evening you will more than likely see boar along the route – if not also caprioli deer and porcupine istrice procupine – and be able to take your own pictures of wild boar..NOTE I would highly recommend that you drive at a slower than perhaps normal pace – it is Italy after all anyway! The term solengo refers to an adult male cinghiale that usually exceed 70-80 kg in weight lives a solitary existence and only approaches female boars at mating time..

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