New life, new opportunities

Long time, no blog. That’s mainly because I’ve been quite busy capturing Spring at its finest. It’s hard to determine where to start off first with all the birds starting to build their nests, king fishers digging their nests in a steep river bank, beavers starting to gnaw off the branches that I placed for the king fishers to sit on and big decisions that needed to be taken from my side (more on that later in this post).

But first, the latest shots of Spring. It’s proving somewhat difficult to stay original and not copy the work of previous years. This means going to where I haven’t gone before in previous years and exploring new places. This takes quite some time and doesn’t always pay off unfortunately (memo to self, if it’s cloudy and windy, don’t spend too much time laying on the cold ground of a river bed trying to shoot the beaver). It’s too early to see the beaver in decent light anyways… must resist and wait for young beavers. Enough on that.. here are the new shots (thank Sigma for their 150mm macro):

spring macro

spring macro

I’m afraid that’s it! I have several ongoing projects that eat up a lot of my time but will hopefully pay themselves back in a few weeks or so.

And now on that decision I took (this weekend actually). I’ve been working for 9 months straight now without even a week off from work and since I don’t have any big expenses during the month, I decided to take the next step ‘material wise’. I had been thinking about buying a new lens for quite a while now and I knew I would take the plunge eventually. In preparation for the new season I decided to get myself a new, yes brand new! and pretty difficult to find nowadays (they are produced in Japan / tsunami / earth quake region), 500mm f/4G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR. I was doubting whether to take a chunk out of my bank account or to sell a lung, a kidney and part of my liver (they partly grow back as long as you don’t take too big of a chunk out). In the end I decided to break bank and get this awesome new, heavy, shiny, image stabilized, awesome, expensive, did I mention heavy? lens. Now this lens opens up new possibilities but also meant that I had to buy the necessary accessories in the form of a Wimberley WH-200 (worth every expensive penny!), camouflage (lens coat) and a new camera bag (I’m still deciding which one to get, probably be the Think Tank Airport Acceleration though). About the Wimberley, there’s just no way to balance these kind of lenses on a ball head (say Markins M10). The gimbal head really makes a difference. Did I mention I can actually handhold this new lens and shoot sharp images because of the VR? Can’t hold it up for longer than 15 seconds though :p. My muscles are starting to ache already and I’ve only had it for 1,5 day ^_^.

Anyways, expect some more bird shots in the coming weeks. Hopefully, I’ll also get the beaver by then.

Until next time!


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