Looking out the window on a rainy Sunday afternoon..

Today I got a visit from a Sparrow Hawk, just as I was about to waist some more of my precious free time with episodes from Californication, Chuck, and White collar. It had been raining all day (again) and since rain most of the time means no decent photography light, I decided to stay in today. Just when I was about to sit down and watch Hank Moody smooth talking himself through his life again, I looked out of the window to find a Sparrow Hawk going after my precious little garden birds. These were all hiding in the dense bush but the Hawk didn’t seemed to mind since it just squeezed itself through the branches to get to the birds. It was totally focussed on hunting them down, thereby giving me the opportunity to carefully open the window and take some shots:

sparrow hawk

sparrow hawk

Too bad the background isn’t ideal but I’m not complaining or anything :p.

That’s it for today. My next project will be the beaver. Hopefully the weather clears up fast and I’ll be able to take some time off from work for this. Maybe I’ll also go after some wild boar.

Until next time!


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