‘Setting the right mood’

My preparations for the new Spring season are in progress. First thing I did was digging out a tree that had been cut down for about 2/3rds, which would be ideal for shots of a woodpecker climbing up a tree. In order to lure the birds to my tree I cut out some holes in which I could place some seeds or other bird food. On top of the stem, I also ‘dug’ out a small hole in which I placed some more seeds. Now this flat surface with a hole in the middle isn’t really photogenic so I decided to cover it up with some moss, leaving a hole in the middle for the seeds. I got some pretty nice shots this way and I even noticed that the birds don’t mind me sitting in at about 4 meters away. This was great since that meant that I didn’t have to use my wireless remote trigger, thereby hoping that I set the focus point correctly. So, this morning I was setting up my camera while the birds were flying in and out to my moss covered tree. Suddenly I heard this ‘woosh’ noise and after about 2 seconds I realized that a Sparrow Hawk (Sperwer in Dutch) was after my little garden birds. It kept flying after the birds, not further away than 2 meters from me. When the hawk realized it couldn’t get my garden birds, he/she decided to land on a rock for a rest. Funny thing is… that rock was within half a meter of where I was sitting! I wasn’t even camouflaged or anything! The hawk then looked at me, I looked back at the hawk, we both looked at each other, and then it suddenly realized that I was one of those weird humans and it flew off. Amazing moment!

Anyways.. have a look at the shots below.

pimpelmees / roodborst


The next one was taken last week. I was on one of my usual strolls through the country side when I suddenly saw this Kestrel sitting on a wooden fence pole and I was able to get within 10 meters or so. Gorgeous bird!

kestrel / torenvalk

Until next time!


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