It’s a Birds world

I recently started to notice that 90% of the photographs I’ve taken in the last few months were of birds. I think its partly due to the lack of nice warm weather and bright colors but also because of a growing interest in birds. Especially since I found some Hen Harriers near my hometown. These are truly awesome birds of prey. They have a very typical style of hunting in that they fly very low over a field looking for mice and other little animals. They have great agility and reflexes and can take turns like no other birds of that size. Have a look at these shots from this weekend. The male is gray and the female is brown.

hen harrier

hen harrier

There are also lots of Grey Herons at the same site as where the Hen Harriers are hunting. I usually try to photograph the Hen Harriers from inside my car, using the door for support. I am thus bound by the road but driving up and down this particular stretch always gives me a good chance of getting these birds closer to me (I really need a 500mm :p). This is also what happened with this Grey Heron below. He/she wasn’t afraid of my car at all and I was allowed to take some nice pictures:



Nikon news: things are stirring in the rumor sections. There is talk of a D700 upgrade in the coming months. Might be interesting to see what happens in this segment of the market. Will the D800, or whatever it’ll be called, destroy the competition like it did in the early days of the D700? We’ll know in a few months…

I also recently bought the 27″ Apple Cinema Display and upgraded my graphics card to an ATI HD5770 for some more power. Next to that, I upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard and I now use Lightroom 3.3 and Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop). Everything seems to run a little bit faster now and Lightroom 3 is a much welcomed improvement over Lightroom 2, especially with regards noise reduction and overall image quality. Importing files from the hard drive is unfortunately a lot more annoying…

Until next time!


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