White portraits

Today started out like any other day; woke up at 6 am, got out of bed at 6.30 am (yes I’m a slow starter), did my usual morning rituals and set out to go to work. Unfortunately, it had been snowing all night which subsequently lead to me not even making it out of my driveway. I actually got stuck in the snow just as I was trying to turn onto the main road. So, there I was in about two feet of snow with the front of the car on the main road (well, it wasn’t so much a road as it was an ice-skating track). Couldn’t go backward or forward. After digging out the car with a shovel, I started to get some movement but the road was just so slippery and the visibility was so low that I just didn’t want to risk the long drive to work. So, in the end I decided to work at home today. I had already taken the afternoon off actually.

Anyways.. now about the photography stuff today. As I was working in my planning files, suddenly 8! pheasants showed up in my garden (I think we can call them pets by now as they return every day to my bird feeding spot). So after I had finished my work, I went outside with my camera and sat in my photography tent for about 4 hours in total (it was freezing and yes, the blizzard hadn’t stopped). But it was all good fun since I took about 350 shots. Light wasn’t really good but the light-reflecting snow kind of made up for that. The diversity of birds was amazing: 8 pheasants (fazant), 30 pigeons (duiven), 1 buzzard (buizerd), 1 sparrow hawk (sperwer), 7 great tits (koolmees), 2 Nuthatches (boomklever), 10 blackbirds (merels), 1 Eurasion Jay (vlaamse gaai), 1 woodpecker (specht), 1 Brambling (keep), 8 Finches (vinken), 2 Robin Redbreasts (roodborst), 2 starlings (spreeuwen) and 5 House sparrows (mussen). So all in all, great fun.. if you’re a nature photographer that is.. It is really cool to see how all these different kinds of birds work together when a buzzard or sparrow hawk is approaching. One individual bird simply blows the alarm and all the other birds immediately fly off (sometimes even crashing into my tent). This happened about 20 times today as the buzzard was really hungry and made a lot of fly-overs. He didn’t catch anything though.
Anyways.. here are the results of today:

This is the buzzard.

Gorgeous bird!

The Nuthatch.

Eurasian Jay
Eurasian Jay.

Female Pheasant.

Many more of these can be found on my website.

Until next time!

P.S. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


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