And then there was light

It seems as if I’m having a little photography crisis in that I haven’t really taken any decent shots since I returned from the United States. I had to go over there for work, but on the weekend before I went into the mountains with some colleagues to go ‘off-roading’ with quad’s/ATV’s. Damn, do those things pack a punch. Can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun with that much power between my legs ^_^. Anyways.. here is one of the shots I made this morning. I really like the way the light lights up the butterfly wings.


Nikon has, as I mentioned in my previous posts, released the D7000. This is a step up from the D90 and is positioned between the D90, which will still remain for sale, and the D300s. Really interested to see the noise levels of this camera. Nikon also announced the SB-700 flash, which I will be buying soon.

Site news. I’ve added a ‘sales’ section (Dutch) to the website to have a little bit more info on this subject.

And for you active followers of this weblog (I get over 30 views a day, but never any comments…), here’s the link to the RSS (or see bottom of this page): feed://

Until next time! (better sooner than later of course)


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