Saved a life this weekend

I went on my usual Saturday bike ride to look for bird of prey. After a while, I saw this ‘hunter’ walking very sneaky into a corn field. When I passed him I saw a fox in the field next to it, and my reflexes told me to brake and try and take a shot. The fox then spotted me and headed off into the corn field. I then understood what the hunter was trying to do! He then came out of the corn field looking quite annoyed. As I’m usually annoyed by some ‘hunters’ this was the prelude to some word throwing from my side. Anyhow, he came out and I asked him if it was allowed to hunt foxes this time of year. He said "yes, all year round actually, but you scared off the fox". He didn’t even look me in the eyes when he said that and just walked away. I then blurred out that it is indeed better for the hunters to murder the natural competition so that they themselves can kill more rabbits and hares etc. Don’t think he appreciated that comment though 😉

Anyways.. now on a less serious note: my latest creation. Isn’t it beautiful? Just ordered a large canvas 80x100cm print of that one. Just love the color, tones, and petal shapes. Click for a larger view!

This is going to look stunning on my wall.

From 10-18 September I will be in the United States (Amsterdam – Minneapolis – Boise – Nampa – McCall – Burgdorf – McCall – Boise – Ontario (OR) – Parma – Boise – Portland – Amsterdam) ^^. That’ll be my trip.

Nikon will announce new Coolpix camera’s this week, and the D7000, SB-700, 200mm f2, and a 35mm f1.4 on September the 14th. Will blog about that when I get back (so around the 20th).

Until next time!


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