Deer stalking

Just a few quick shots from this weekend. Only the buzzard and forest zoom link to a larger image because I believe the others aren’t really worth publishing on my website.

I really like these beautiful markings. Great birds..

The next one just looked funny. I saw two deer in a field on one of my strolls and decided to stalk them. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any closer so I had to crop quite a bit for this one (titled: “Look honey! I can fly!“)
flying deer / roe deer

A hare sniffing the road:

An older one (forest zoom abstract):
forest zoom

I will be leaving for Idaho, US (audit) on September 10 and will be back at the 18th. Hopefully I’ll get to take some new good shots for a weblog post before that time.

I also decided to switch my OS to Snow Leopard, but I have to make some preparations for that first. Backups, photo workflow changes, new Adobe CS suite, and I’m also switching from Lightroom to Capture NX.

Nikon will introduce the D7000 (follow up of D90) on the 15th of September. Rumor is that there will be a new flash, and an updated 200mm f2 (VRII, Nano etc). Since my last post Nikon also introduced the D3100. Specs are as mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Until next time folks!

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