A weekend full of rare creatures

This was a weekend full of rare creatures. It started when I found a Jersey Tiger (Spaanse vlag, Euplagia quadripunctaria), which is a pretty rare butterfly for the Netherlands. I was able to take some shots, but unfortunately none worth publishing due to the wind (sharpness etc). Then today while I was looking for more of these butterflies, I suddenly walked in on an Osprey! The bird was just sitting on a small island in the river. When it spotted me it flew off, but luckily I was able to take some decent shots. This bird is also not very common in the Netherlands.. so all in all a good weekend for me. Have a look below. They are all linked to my website which contains some more shots.

visarend / Osprey

visarend / Osprey
Really worth the look!

And now for the Nikon news: Nikon D90 successor will be called the D7000, 16 MP, 6fps, 1080p, probably magnesium body!! D3100 will probably have 14MP. Getting closer to the announcements. Also expect some lenses (3-4).

And I finally decided to buy a new computer monitor, and guess what.. Apple just announced a 27″ LED cinema display ;). Would sit very nicely next to my Mac Pro don’t you think? ^_^. Have to wait for September though..

Until next time!


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