Meet the King

In order to get closer to the Kingfisher I installed my tent in the river, and yes.. I’m a little bit crazy, call it eccentric :p. It worked, but the kingfisher chose a different tree branch, to be more specific… the one half a meter behind my tent. Luckily he also sat down on ‘my’ site. Have a look. Gorgeous birds..


And then there’s the Nikon news!! My source for the following is so their admin deserves all the credits for his amazing work.

Nikon D3100 (entry level DSLR)
New continuous AF in video mode/live view (great news for upcoming new models, likely also available in the D90 replacement)
11 or 12 AF points (up from 3 in the D3000, very nice for an entry level!)
10 MP CMOS sensor (10 MP is not a lot! (less noise btw). Should have been more MP’s, but then maybe the next point wouldn’t have been possible)
HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24 (finally!)
3fps (just like D3000)
No AF motor

The SB-600 flash is also reported to be replaced. Not sure about this one though. I’ll definitely buy it though.

So, all in all this is going to be one hell of an entry level DSLR. Maybe this could serve as a nice backup body.

I’ll keep you posted on the definite specs and release.

Until next time!


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