95% perfection on my own Halcyon River

I recently got a tip on a pair of nesting kingfishers, so the last few days have been quite busy for me. I remembered a BBC documentary called “My Halcyon River” by Charlie Hamilton James (Halcyon standing for ‘King Fisher’ in Latin) which I found to be extremely inspiring. I started out by examining the part of the river where their nest was located. After many hours of trying to stay focussed, I found several of their favorite fishing/resting spots. Because the spot wasn’t ideal for making good pictures I decided to make my own spot in the hope that they would use it. I went back this morning, installed my tent, and waited. After some time, several Grey Wagtails started to wash themselves half a meter next to my tent. They also tried out my tent as watch tower for insects, and decided to turn it into their base camp. All of a sudden I heard the distinctive sound of the kingfisher and after a while it landed on my wooden contraption I installed the day before. I took many, many shots that were 95% perfect. The last 5% was missing due to the sun. But I’m still extremely happy with the result. I was sitting at 5m when she suddenly started to barf up a pellet (in Dutch: braakbal). Amazing moment! I’ll to back next to week to try and grab that last 5%.
Have a look! Isn’t she gorgeous?!

kingfisher / ijsvogel

kingfisher / ijsvogel

kingfisher / ijsvogel

kingfisher / ijsvogel

Until next time (hopefully with my last 5%)!


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