A swift and exciting encounter in the woods

Yesterday morning, 8.30 am. Walking through the forest looking for deer. Trying to blend in with the surroundings with my suit on. I suddenly saw something big in the distance and I had to look through the lens to see that it was a wild boar! I knew they can be dangerous, especially with young, so I was a little hesitant to go any closer.. strangely enough 1 minute later I was sneaking towards it ;). It then disappeared and I decided to wait behind a big tree. I stood there waiting, a little bit nervous, when all of a sudden two large adults and 5 or 6 young ones came running through the woods. I was really getting nervous now because this took place 15-20 meters from me, and the tree I was standing behind was not very climbable. So if they spotted me, and decided I was a threat, I was seriously screwed. I wanted to walk away but realized they would probably hear/see me then. So I decided to stay put behind the tree and see if I could take some shots. I took quite a few, also realizing that they could hear my clicking (D300 is loud.. a little bit too loud for my taste). There were also some branches and bushes in the way so not all shots were sharp and great. After a few minutes they headed off into some bushes and I could stop shaking :p. But for a first/second encounter I thought it went well. Have a look:
wild boar / wild zwijn

Anyways.. I also took some shots of a deer and Mr. Woodpecker.
woodpecker / specht

roe deer / ree

And this older one of a kingfisher who decided to have a snack at my pond at home. Magnificent little birds.
kingfisher / ijsvogel

My ballhead has been repaired by Markins but is at the moment still in transit. I expect it to arrive tomorrow. Markins service is excellent btw!!
Today I also took part in a nature photography workshop which was part of a nature festival. It was given by Lars Soerink.

No Nikon news.. sorry. Hopefully in my next post (you’re taking your time Nikon.. hurry up!). Next post will also contain little swans, a kestrel, and a cute little bird sleeping on the ground.

Until next time!


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