Blending in, Part II

This is the second and last part of the ‘Blending in’ post. As mentioned in Part I, I’ve had a pretty darn good weekend. I got up early and set out to one of my favorite spots. Its on the border of a large forest and some farm fields. I put on my suit and made my way along the forest border, trying to blend in with the long grass. I finally ended up under a small tree and lay myself down on the ground, camera on my backpack. It was seriously uncomfortable since I was laying on a pile of dirt and in between some nettles. Anyways.. after a few minutes or so I saw this hare coming straight towards me. It really didn’t seemed to notice me, it just kept going. I had to take some shots while holding the camera since the nettles were in the way. The hare just kept coming until it stopped no more than 3 meters from me. I really thought it would see me by then, but strangely enough it didn’t. I could just click away and it didn’t seemed to notice. As long as I didn’t move everything was ok. That’s how I took this incredible shot:
hare / haas
Uncropped with the Nikon AF-S 300mm f4. Amazing moment!
It then pleasantly hopped away into the grass, raising its butt every few hops or so ^^. Such a funny sight. Luckily for me, the hare had some brothers or sisters of which I could take the following shots:
hare / haas

I really like the way the hare looks in this one! Check out the eyes!
hare / haas
Really love the AF of my D300. It’s pretty darn accurate and fast, especially with the 300mm f4 attached to it. Hardly missed a shot. As you can see, also these hares came pretty close. After a while I also noticed a deer and a pheasant. How amazing was that. Thirty meters to my left was a deer, right in front of me at 5 meters was a hare cleaning and scratching itself, and to my right was a pheasant at 10 meters. None of them knew I was there, quietly laying between the nettles, shooting away… how about that for blending in with nature!

Truly amazing. I’m addicted to that place and will be visiting it a lot more (too bad I have to work during the week :(). Here are the deer and the pheasant btw:

Next time I hope to get this kind of a pheasant shot from the front side and a little bit closer.

I could just walk behind the pheasant today. Normally they fly the hell out there when they spot you. Now, with my suit on, it didn’t know what to make of me.. awesome!

Have a look at my recent pics for more hares, pheasants and deer!

Until next time!


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