Blending in, Part I

This is the first part of two posts. The last two days have been quite successful for me because I took some shots which I regard as my best ‘animal’ work yet (see Part II later on). As I mentioned in my previous posts, I recently bought a special suit. I prefer a suit over a hide/tent because you are flexibel, you don’t have to set up (just get dressed in 1 minute), lay down on the ground, stand, and you can sneek around. With a tent you can do none of this. As long as you are not moving when there are animals around, everything is ok. When you move, they get suspicious and don’t know what to make of it.
I chose to write it all in 2 parts because I have so many pics to show.

First up is my encounter with a bunny and a very very very young deer (I call him/her Bambi but it’s not a white-tailed deer but a Roe deer). The rabbit was eating away at a bush on the way to my ‘hotspot’.
rabbit / bunny
The young deer is a different story. I just put on my suit and was walking through the long grass. I suddenly saw this young deer laying on the ground. I couldn’t believe me eyes! I almost stepped on it. I took a few quick shots and got out of there, not to scare away its mother. Important not to touch the animals since they might get rejected by their mother. Amazing and rare moment:
young deer

anyways.. my ballhead has been send to the manufacturer in Germany and based on the photo’s I showed them they said they’ll probably do a direct exchange of the head. Lets hope they do! Soon!

No real Nikon news to report this time. More will be known around July/August I think.

Sneak Preview!.

Until Part II! (Tomorrow)


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