slow times in high season

Yesterday my tripod ballhead broke. A metal thread of some sort came out of the space between the ball and the cylinder. The friction also went haywire, meaning that is was very difficult to turn the ball. So I gave up trying and send an email to the company I bought the ballhead from. I’m expecting an answer sometime this week. This is pretty annoying since it is Spring and thus high season for a lot of animals, including nature photographers ^^.
Anyways.. I’ll have to work without my tripod for the next few weeks (not longer I hope). Below are some new shots I recently took. I really like the Pheasant because of the small DOF and surrounding flowers. The Honey Buzzard took me quite some effort. I was walking around and suddenly saw it landing in a nearby tree. So I laid down on the ground, camera on top of my backpack and moving closer every few shots or so. The buzzard didn’t seemed to mind as long as I stayed on the ground. After 10 minutes or so he/she flew to a nearby pole… and so I followed… on the ground.. in between mud and nettles.. so great fun :D. Magnificent birds! Click for a bigger view!

Honey Buzzard)

Until next time!


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