Tulips and the flow of water

As promised, a few new ones. The water photo’s are from earlier this week. The long-tailed tit is from this morning. I wanted go out into the forest to get these guys, but before I left my driveway I saw a pair that were building a nest in my own garden ^^. Saved me a trip to the woods. Spent 2.5 hours watching them and trying to photograph them in mid air. I even helped them building their nest by presenting them with some moss. I got some good bird in flight (BIF’s) shots but they’re not good enough. It’s difficult to get sharp ones. I’ll see if I post any later on.
Anyways, here are the promised water pics:
water time lapse

water time lapse

I also found a tulip field (how Dutch is that, right :p). I went a little bit over the top with the colors but I really liked the outcome:


Here’s one of the bird pics. More can be found at my recent photo’s!.
long-tailed tit

Have a great weekend and until next time!


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