(a)380 is less than (D)300 right?

Last Saturday my alarm clock started ringing at 6 am, trying very hard to get me out of my warm bed. 15 minutes later, just after Heartbreak Warfare ended (good song btw!), I decided to get up and I arrived at the forest at 6.45 am. The first subject of the morning was a hare that was just sitting on a dirt trail. I started walking in his direction taking some shots every 10 meters or so. He tolerated my presence up to 20 meters and then decided to head off into some nearby bushes. Luckily I was able to get some nice shots. The one below also has a European Robin in it. I didn’t even notice that since I was so focussed on the hare.

Next up is the deer. While walking around I suddenly saw a deer having its way with the young Spring leafs of a bush. I looked for some cover, quietly sat down and was able to take quite a few shots. I think he knew of my presence, but didn’t mind all that much as long as I stayed quiet and at a comfortable distance. When I tried to get closer he suddenly headed off into the woods. Good lesson for next time: don’t push your luck, unless you have a Ghillie suit! And I do now! It’s awesome. You look like a monster but it should work for wildlife observation ^^. I’ll post some pics of the suit next time. Below is the deer.

Anyways, when I was walking back to my car I came across two elderly people on a bike who were kind off lost. They asked me for directions and we ended up talking about my camera. The woman said it looked impressive and the guy proudly took out his Sony a380 with his kitlens. He immediately asked me how many megapixels my camera has, and after a comparison of my 12 vs his 14 MP he concluded he had the better camera. I tried to stay calm and mentioned that it’s not the amount of MP that defines how good a camera is. As we all know, its also about noise handling, speed, and the kind of lenses you use. He didn’t agree. It was all about MP since you could crop more. I was getting a little bit annoyed with him and luckily his wife told him I probably knew what I was talking about. So they finally went their way and a happy ‘plastic Sony a380’ owner left the woods… had to get that off my chest, thanks for listening ;p.

Below are some other shots I also took during the week. I really like the frog since the reflection in his eye shows the sky, my house, my lens, and some flowers. He allowed me to get to 5 cm of his head (I used extension tubes together with the Sigma 150mm). The tulips show the awesome bokeh my Sigma 150mm produces.
frog eye


A new post will follow shortly (within the weekend). I did some experimenting with running water and longer exposures: (quick preview!).

Until next time!


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