Great weekend!

I’ve had a productive weekend! I even think I made one of my best shots yet! (see below and here). I knew from recent experiences with Swans that they tend to launch ‘dummy attacks’ on you when you’re in their territory. First they swim pretty fast towards you in an attempt to scare you off. When that doesn’t work, they swim away to create some distance and that’s when the fun part starts. They suddenly start flying off towards you, showing their awesome wingspan and power. If you’re ready for it, you can make some pretty awesome shots. They don’t really attack you (although it can be a close call sometimes, like 2 meters close :p), they just try to scare you. Anyways.. see the results below. I’ve made many more and they (larger sizes) can all be found at my website HERE.

Also check you my new abstract sunset!.

I ordered a ghillie suit but they haven’t send it out yet. Don’t know why, inventory was supposed to be full. Luckily Spring is in the air, together with shitloads of pollen if you’re sensitive to that (I’m not). So I was able to take some nice ones in my orchard, which is in blossom right now. Bees are busy pollinating and make for good macro subjects, especially in mid-air! Have a look below. Again, many more can be found in the recent images section of my website.


Nikon news: there will be an updated 200-400mm f4 lens soon! (pretty useless update if you ask me). Also nikonrumors mentions 3 new camera’s in the pipeline. That must mean a low end D4000, a mid range D90 replacement, and probably a D700 replacement. Video issues seem to be addressed and running at 1080P.

Until next time!


One response to “Great weekend!

  1. Love the flying/landing swan photos! I’ve been wanting to make those for a long time! If you know a good place to go to, I’d love to have a photo-op there!

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