300mm f4 put to the test

Yesterday I was having dinner (fish soup with shrimps, surimi sticks (crab), and other fishy chunks) when I suddenly saw an Eurasian Sparrow hawk sitting in my garden. I rushed to get my new 300mm f4 and Kenko 1.4x converter and was able to get some pretty nice shots. Had to lay down on the floor with some pillows for support and shoot trough double glass (little bit dirty). The sun was already setting so light was getting low. Most shots were taken wide-open at f4-5.6, ISO 400-500. Have a look at the results below. These birds are pretty rare in the Netherlands so I was pretty happy to get these pictures. The background is a little bit too busy but it’s all about the bird right.. It was clear that the sparrow hawk was hunting for small birds and he actually caught a blackbird. Couldn’t take any shots of that unfortunately since he disappeared into the bushes.

sparrow hawk

sparrow hawk

sparrow hawk

Anyways.. some Nikon news. I’ve read/heard several reports that the Nikon SB-600 flash is out of stock and discontinued. This probably means that the SB-700 (or whatever it’ll be called) will be announced shortly (perhaps accompanied by a new lens/body announcement). I’ll definitely buy one since I need an external flash for some water drop experiments in the near future.

Finally a ‘house-hold’ announcement. I’ve decided to stop uploading the full-size images since I noticed some of my images got a lot of hits and ended up at other websites (still with credits luckily, but still…). The images will be cropped to around 500 px wide. Please visit my website (Natuuridee.nl) if you want to order any. I’m thinking about introducing a small ‘price section’ since I’ve gotten some requests already.

Until next time!


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