A Pheasants tail

Well, not really a tail/story but just a few pics. All three are crops, one more than the other. Shot from behind a window on a really windy day. That’s why the Pheasants tail is up in the air. Really beautiful creatures.

Anyways.. PMA 2010 didn’t give us any new Nikon goodies. I’m going to the United States next week for work (Global Processing Conference, Parma/Boise, Idaho). I intend to order the Nikon AF-S 300mm f4 after I get back (yes for real this time ;)). Plus some other stuff (extension tubes, 1.4x Kenko converter, NC-300 tripod collar, and a B+W 77mm MRC UV filter). I’ll be prepared for Spring and try to achieve my goals for this year… ok, since your asking: make better use of the bokeh effect of my Sigma 150mm, pay more attention to composition, get shots of deer, wild boar, foxes, badgers, birds in flight, better shots of Beavers etc. Yeah I know, it’s a lot.. I’ll be happy if I’ll achieve half of my goals though.
I’m also looking at buying one of those Ghillie suits used by snipers. I’ll replace the rifle with my camera of course :).

Until next time (probably after my Idaho visit).


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