It’s has been quite from my side for a weeks now, but that’s just because I had to learn Dreamweaver, CSS, and parts of Photoshop :p. I’ve created my own dedicated nature photography website: ‘Natuuridee’ basically means ‘nature idea’. I really wanted a .NL domain to gain some better publicity of my site in The Netherlands. Most good nature photography domains were already taken so I had to be creative with the name. This one is nice and short and easy to remember. Maybe I’ll think of another name and change it to that one later on. My webhost is They are really cheep and offer you the most for your money. I think I’m paying 30,- Euros (for 3 Gb webstorage and 60!! GB data transfer per month + .NL domain name) per year. There are many, many, many :p webhosting sites but this one is really the best (have a look at these (Dutch) user reviews:

I still want to add some more stuff like a dedicated contact form instead of a link that opens your email, a guestbook, a slide show on the home page to add some more color, and some small cosmetic changes. In a few months I also hope to have it available in English. This site will remain my weblog.
Please have a look!

Until next time!

P.S. Happy New Year! May we all get great shots plus a Nikon FX camera for me ^_^. cya!


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