Finally, sort of, got me some wild boar

Went for a walk again this week and I finally saw a pack of wild boar. Unfortunately those little buggers are pretty fast… I managed to get one shot, or more like half a shot actually :p. I was standing between some trees and had to act quickly to get a clear shot. I did sort of.. see the image below. The boar that almost was.. but I now know where to find them (in the middle of the day they tend to go to densely packed bushes and come out again when it’s getting dark). But they stroll a lot so they’re still difficult to find.

Also made some macro’s of a banana plant. The leafs in the middle of the plant form a circle which creates a cool pattern, especially when backlit by the sun. Don’t really know what to think of it though.. it’s abstract.. again ^^. Maybe makes for a nice wallpaper. It looks like I photoshopped the crap out of it, but the RAW file looked exactly like this!

abstract yellow

I got the idea for another try-out when I was cooking (Paëlla ;D) and turned off the kitchen lights. The gas-burner of the furnace had a very cool blue color. Something different again.

Anyways, its going to snow this week so I hope I can make some cool landscape pics at National Park the Meinweg (the place where I found the boar).
I’m also planning to start my own dedicated website (no more Flickr or WordPress). But at the moment I have no idea how. I want a host that offers me the right package for less than 100 $/Euro per year. I don’t know HTML or any of that stuff. Most of those “all-in packages/create your site directly on the internet” are pretty expensive. I just want a blog, dedicated photo album, about me page, contact etc. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Until next time!


One response to “Finally, sort of, got me some wild boar

  1. Hosting2GO has a nice package: 2500MB data/30GB traffic (per month) for around 30 euro’s a year. And that includes a .com/net/org/info or .nl domain name..

    Great shots again, you’re really getting into the abstract game, aren’t you? 😉

    Check out my blog, I’ve (finally) updated it with some recent (snowy) photos! Will update with the bugs I photographed during the summer sometime this holiday 🙂 Nice contrast to the current cold 😛

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