Early morning

Got up early again today to find me some deer. Well, I found one all right…. Kind of a sad story actually, but here it goes.. I was planning to sit in my camouflage tent on a new site (an asparagus field) of which I recently found to have many footprints of deer and wild boar. Unfortunately, none showed up. Maybe they had heard or smelled me, or maybe they are only there at night. Anyway, after a few hours of boredness I decided to call it a day and I packed up my tent. Hadn’t seen any deer or boar.

When I was cycling home I suddenly saw a deer lying by the road. It remained still in the grass, what was really weird since normally they run away like crazy. I immediately thought it had been hit by a car or was just very ill. I decided to make use of this opportunity and take out my camera. As I watch Wilde Life Aid sometimes on Animal Planet I thought the Germans might also have something similar. So I called some people if they knew of any such thing in Germany. Unfortunately they didn’t so my dad, who had joined me at that time, went to the near village of Effeld to ask around for a forest ranger. He came back with a local hunter. We said the deer was not able to stand or walk very well and he immediately drew his own conclusions and took out his rifle. I said to him that we should determine if he really was fatally injured. But no! Mr Big Shot hunter did not listen and two seconds later the deer was dead. But maybe it was for the better… the deer wouldn’t have survived in the wild and the stress of a capture would probably also have killed him. It seems they go into shock very easily.
So… that about sums up my morning. Check out my Flickr page for some new photo’s I took in National Park the Meinweg in the Netherlands.

The previously mentioned Nikon 300mm f/4 lens seems to be out of stock almost everywhere so I’ll have to wait for that a little bit longer. There are leads that some new Nikon lenses might be released before Christmas. Maybe a VR version of the f/4 is one of them. Don’t know if I want to wait that long though ;).

Until next time!


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