Deer expedition

Got up at 6 this morning to go and shoot some deer (no, not kill them..). When I was taking photos of the mushrooms I found this old hunters cabin/hut. Also found a lot of deer tracks near the hut and decided to pay the deer a visit. It was still early and pretty dark so I had to shoot at ISO 2000, thus the lower image quality. I will go back tomorrow to try again (and also decide if I’m buying the 300mm f/4, I probably will since Nikon won’t replace it this year. It also seems the D3s will not kick ass that much since it will only have 720p video mode and not the before mentioned 14 fps… sigh..). Anyways.. also went for a walk this afternoon and encountered the Buzzard. I saw the bird turning in a flash and swiched on the camera and instantly started shooting (unfortunately at 3 fps since the continuous shooting dial was still at C(L) and not the 8 fps C(H).. I love the D300. Does exactly what you want, when you want it. I was surprised that my 70-300 was still sharp at that distance..

Update October 15: my deer expedition of yesterday was not as successful as the first time. It was REALLY cold. I sat still in the hut for about 2 hours. Not a good idea. I think I was getting somewhat close to hypothermia :p. Unfortunately the deer also seemed to be bothered by the cold since only a few deer showed up, and did not come close enough for some decent shots. I made some but at ISO 3200! Quality isn’t bad but not worth publishing. I was actually amazed at the quality at that high sensitivity, but hey.. that’s Nikon for ya! (yes I am a very big Nikon fan, can you tell? :p). Anyway, this afternoon I went to another location of which I knew it was part of deer territory. I saw a lot of footprints from deer and wild boar. So maybe I’ll go there tomorrow and post some new pics. Cya!


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