Autograph try-out

Tried out some copyright stuff on some new images. Recently I got some requests for beaver images and decided not to autograph them. But then I noticed the company put their own copyright under the images…. I mean what the ….! So from now on I’ll be labeling all my images with a subtle copyright mark. Of course they will still be available without the mark. They take a while to load by the way so please be patient :p.

Anyways.. still waiting for October 15 when the new Nikon D3s is expected! Hopefully an updated 300mm f/4 + VR will be announced as well.. don’t think so though.. but we’ll see.

Before I forget, I used photoshop CS3 for the autograph stuff and used the instructions of Lorenzo Fanchi. Thanks for that Loo!

Until next time!


2 responses to “Autograph try-out

  1. Thx! The mushroom photo’s were taken in a forest in Germany, just across the border from the Netherlands. The other three in my garden. Consider yourself invited if you want to drive all that way to the south :p.
    If there’s no 300mm f4 update on the 14th I’m ordering the current version. Maybe have a meet up when I get it (weather also has to agree, I hate shooting without any sun :p).

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