Some more macro’s and a deer

I shot (with the D300, not a shotgun ;p) the deer at National Park de Meinweg in the Netherlands. Got up early and saw the deer crossing the path. When it saw me we both just froze for like a few minutes and I managed to take some shots (with 70-300 VR). The Nikon 300mm f/4 VR is coming closer btw. I’m going to wait for the introduction of the D3s (yes it’s coming, with the 14 fps ^_^, eat your heart out Canon). Maybe there’ll be some new lenses or updates (also hoping for a SB-700).

Update: just got a phone call that I need new car tires… katsjing.. there goes my teleconverter. Also realized that I need a better tripod for my upcoming 300mm (have a 30 year old Velbon VS3). Those Gitzo’s are the bomb but they also leave a crater in your financial system. But first 3 days of fly-fishing in the German Eifel (camera won’t join me).


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