Young beaver / Hello World!!

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. I’ll be posting my best and memorable pictures here accompanied with some stories about the how and what. I’ll also give some info on Nikon camera and lens releases every now and then. Feel free to give comments or send me an email. You can also check out my Flickr page for more shots that didn’t make the cut.

Below is my first shot of this blog..

Young beaver

Had to sit still on a hard tree for about one and a half hour with the Nikon 70-300. Luckely these guys don’t see very well so if you just sit still its no problem. Too bad I couldn’t get a completely ‘twig-free’ shot. There’s a family of 2 adults and 2 youngsters that live here. They actually come to check you out a few times before they feel safe and start to knibble at the tree. Pretty cool animals, when they eat the whole tree shakes.

Until next time.


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